8 Absurd clothing items that actually exist

absurd-shoe-3For every genius creation that comes out in women’s fashion, there are at least 10 that have “WTF” written all over them. The whole idea of buying a piece of clothing is that it will serve an important function in your life — so why are there so many that do nothing but baffle the mind? Check out these eight ridiculous clothing items that will leave you feeling a little less smart:

1. Cropped sleeveless sweaters

I don’t understand the juxtaposition between fabric and season: If you were to wear this in the summer you’d sweat like you’re early to the menopause party, and if you were to wear it in the winter, you’d have to layer it with an item with sleeves, which would then turn it into a sweater — so why not just wear a sweater?

2. Any clothing with tiny or no pockets

I’m not sure which is more cruel: Teeny tiny pockets you can’t fit anything into or a fake pocket you don’t realize is fake until you try to use it and look like you’re feeling yourself up.

14 Ways to rock a floppy hat like you were born for it

30140505_9362Floppy hats are so in right now, which is great news, because they’re not only chic and stylish, but super practical. They keep the sun off your pretty face, they hide messy hair, and they can totally take a “basic” outfit up several notches. If you love the way hats look on other people, but you’re not sure you can really pull one off, well… how do we put this… you’re wrong! Here’s how:

1. Try on different styles

There are a ton of different styles, so play around and see which kind you like the most. You’re only going to wear it if you love it.

2. Consider the fabric

A floppy felt hat like this Hat Attack Wool Felt Round Crown Floppy Hat is very on trend and looks great with a button-down shirt. (shopbop.com, $99)

But it’s going to be hotter than, say, this Multi Braid Floppy Hat, which will keep you shaded and chic on a sunny day (Nordstrom Rack, $19).

3. Rock a floppy hat in private to get comfortable with the idea

If you feel a little awkward about trying

8 Flawless fall layering tips to perfect your look

bdfd0dbd637e1d08e29f2ada86d61219Fall is almost here and as steamy temps slowly fade, layers are the best way to be prepared for fall’s unpredictable weather and rock some super-cute trends along the way.

But be warned: Layers gone wrong can leave you looking more hobo than boho. Just a few tweaks can be the difference. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide to layering fall’s freshest fashion that will have you strutting down the sidewalk instead of looking like you just might live there.

1. Menswear

Part preppy ’80s, part utility and always so fun to wear, layering fall’s menswear trend is tricky business. Here, menswear is layered, but impeccably tailored, which lets you add a jacket over a sweater without bulk. Also notice the light, feminine touches used to counter all the stark, heavy menswear lines, like the sparkly shoes and the light, flowy and hair, makeup and nails. If you love the menswear look, invest in a couple of staple items — like a great, crisp shirt or a beautiful overcoat — and splurge on getting the pieces perfectly

Permanent makeup removal

Permanent makeup seems like a great idea, but like any form of tattooing it carries risks. The major one is involved in the major benefit of regular makeup, and the one thing that it has is the ability to wipe it off at the end of the day. If a mistake is made or you may simply have decided that the eyebrows you wanted 10 years age are not the eyebrows you want now, you are not going to be able to make the change easily.

In fact, permanent makeup removal will bring the same challenges as any other tattoo removal. Tataway in Boston, New York or Allentown are specialists in laser removal, and they will be able to help you with permanent makeup removal as well.

They exclusively use the laser method of removal. While there are various ways to answer the question of how to remove a tattoo, the laser method is the most popular right now. This is because it results in a great deal less damage to the skin and, consequently, less scarring as well.

The hidden health hazards of ballet flats

Nowadays, pretty much every girl has a designer pair of ballet flats, if not two or three, tucked away in her closet. Uh, Tory Burch, anyone?

While some girls slip them on for an afternoon of shopping or running errands around town, others simply have them stashed in their desks or cars to give their feet a break after a long day or night in heels. But are ballet flats really as safe for your soles as you assumed they were? Foot doctors say nuh-uh.

“Many women think flats are a safer and more comfortable option [than heels]; however, what they don’t know is that shoes that are totally flat and have super-thin soles offer little to no cushioning, shock absorption or arch support,” notes NYC-based podiatrist Dr. Daniel Drapacz. When ballet flats are worn fairly frequently over an extended period of time, not only will your feet begin to ache, so might other parts of your body, believe it or not.

“Thin soles that lack arch support can eventually cause your feet to roll inward, stretching ligaments and tendons, and creating pain all the way up to your knees and possibly your hip,” warns Drapacz. If your arch collapses,

3 No sew hacks that make old sweaters into must-have accessories

We all have them hiding in the back of our closets — those old sweaters we never wear, but can’t bear to throw away. Well, here are three ideas to upcycle your old sweaters into fun fashion accessories. Best of all, they are all no-sew ideas, which means you can make them with just a pair of scissors.


  • Old sweaters
  • Scissors


DIY sweater leg warmers

Leg warmers are perfect to wear with leggings and for lounging around the house. And an old sweater is the perfect material for them. With just a few snips you can turn your old sweater into some cozy leg warmers for the winter season.

Step 1: Preparation

Lay your sweater on a flat surface and make sure all the seams are lined up.

Step 2: Make your cuts

Snip the arms off your sweater just after the seam.

Step 3: Finish the ends

Give the end where you cut a few stretches, this should cause the sweater to roll back on itself and create a rolled seam.

Step 4: Wear them

Rock your new sweater leg warmers.

DIY sweater circle scarf

Now that you’ve made those cute leg warmers, don’t just toss the rest of that sweater. With the remaining body of the sweater you can

Innovative denim technology you have to see to believe

Blue jeans are about as American as apple pie, and they’ve certainly earned their spot as a wardrobe staple. We wear jeans so much that sometimes we take the technology behind our fave pairs for granted, but not all denim is created equally. Over the past few years, the brilliant minds behind the denim you wear have come up with some uber-cool innovations, designs and technologies, and we’re more than willing to shimmy into this trend.

Stain repellent white jeans

Any gal who’s ever spilled red wine while wearing white jeans knows how difficult it can be to get stains out. Last spring, Joe’s Jeans set out to make white jeans a bit less of a laundry hassle when they released Spotless, a collection of white jeans they claimed would repel stains. According to DenimHunt, the collection resists water, coffee, soda and other liquids, thanks to “an innovative wash treatment that repels spills.” And it seemed to have had some success, as many media outlets showed. Now if only we could get a creepy guy-repelling pair of jeans…

Yoga jeans

Say Namaste to jeans you can do yoga in. James Jeans recently unveiled their newest denim innovation, the James Twiggy Dancer,

14 Pairs of tights to give your favorite dress a different look

The world has always been divided into two types of women: those who adore tights and those who want them to be abolished. We’ve always belonged to the latter camp and are already planning on adding to our ever-growing collection with these multitalented pairs.

1) Hanes Blackout Boot Liner Tights (hanes.com, $15)

For the dress lover with a case of cold feet, these boot tights from Hanes are like a dream come true. They feature a comfort sock for added warmth and traction so you’ll stay warm and prevent boot slippage.

2) DKNY Sequin Embellished tights (nordstrom.com, $28)

The winter months can feel so dark and blah with all the black reigning our wardrobes, but a bit of sequin detail can instantly take your black opaque tights from drab to oh so fab.

3) I’ll Stand by Mew tights (modcloth.com, $18)

Get a little catty this winter with an adorable pair of cat patterned tights. They’re just enough to make a subtle statement without taking you too far out of your tights comfort zone.

4) Colorful Opaque Tights in Fandango Pink (Target, $8)

Sometimes we get a little sick of our dark winter wardrobe and just want a taste of summer’s brights. It’s those days we throw on a pair